SNSA Live Resources

*Kindly note that all resources are recommended for general use, do consult your doctors and therapists if you are unsure. 

SNSA Webinar series:

Slides on Prevention and Management of Low Back Pain after Stroke 

Slides on Managing Stress 

Slides on Modified Diets 

Slides on Staying Active and Being Safe After Stroke (Mandarin) 

Slides on Moleac Singapore Webinar (Speaker: Dr Loh Yong Joo) 

Slides on Brain Bank Webinar 

Slides on Stroke Rehabilitation Technology (Speaker: Dr Loh Yong Joo) 


Mindfulness Collaboration: 

Mindfulness with Dr Kinjal Doshi – Volunteer Psychologist and Ms Low Aiying – Volunteer Physiotherapist (English Version) 

Mindfulness with Dr Kinjal Doshi – Volunteer Psychologist and Ms Low Aiying – Volunteer Physiotherapist (Chinese Version) 


Speech Therapy:


SNSA Physiotherapists YouTube Exercise Playlist: 

Exercise Videos led by SNSA Volunteer Physiotherapists, Dr Shamala Thilarajah, Ms Chia Kah Lai, Ms Mah Shi Min and Ms Ng Suyee, delivered in English language. The physiotherapists have demonstrated the various exercise combinations paired with different tunes which Stroke Survivors can do in the comfort of their own homes.  

3 Minutes Strip It Down with Dr Shamala Thilarajah – Volunteer Physiotherapist  

6 Minutes Retro with Ms Chia Kah Lai – Volunteer Physiotherapist 

3 Minutes Power Up Plus with Ms Mah Shi Min – Volunteer Physiotherapist  

8 Minutes Power Up with Ms Ng Suyee – Volunteer Physiotherapist  

3 Minutes Ignition with Dr Shamala Thilarajah – Volunteer Physiotherapist   

4 Minutes Can’t Stop The Feeling with Dr Shamala Thilarajah – Volunteer Physiotherapist  


Building Group Exercise Routines For Stroke Survivors – A Resource For Physiotherapists: 

Physiotherapy Introduction 

Tips On Building Exercise Routines with Ms Ng Suyee – Volunteer Physiotherapist & Dr Shamala Thilarajah – Volunteer Physiotherapist  

Pre-Planning with Physiotherapists Ms Ng Suyee – Volunteer Physiotherapist & Dr Shamala Thilarajah – Volunteer Physiotherapist  


Brain Bank Singapore: 




Online Games To Keep An Active Mind:


Inspirational Stroke Survivors: 

Community Participation:

Stroke Association UK
Strengthened patient advice information
Stroke specific exercise videos 
Getting online for people with aphasia 
Video calling for people with aphasia 
My Stroke Guide online community 

A Stroke of Luck UK
Instagram Friday night sessions and exercise videos on YouTube

Croí, the West of Ireland Cardiac & Stroke Foundation
Weekly Q and A series 

Heart and Stroke Canada
Tips on keeping active, safe and healthy during the pandemic
Expert-led webinars for families living with heart disease or stroke 
COVID-19 resources for healthcare professionals and more

March of Dimes
Virtual sessions, workshops and programs

Neeman Association Israel
Online tools and resources in the time of COVID 19

American Stroke Association
Podcast series for patients and caregivers

Stroke rehabilitation:

Heart and Stroke Canada
Stroke Rehabilitation during COVID 19 

National Stroke Association of Malaysia
Online videos on Facebook

Enable Us
Online platform connecting survivors and caregivers with care teams and rehabilitation providers