Our Mission

SNSA strives to offer an avenue of help, support and information to stroke survivors and caregivers in their hour of 
need, and to raise and promote public awareness and education of stroke, through:

  • Encouraging and facilitating post-stroke adjustment, support, research and other activities relating to the prevention, diagnosis, causes and treatment of stroke;
  • Developing projects and activities to provide support for post-stroke adjustment and collaborating with relevant public and private groups, bodies or agencies in providing such activities (e.g., counselling and support group meetings);
  • Building up community support for stroke patients and their caregivers (e.g., increasing awareness in the community about the problems faced by stroke survivors and their caregivers, promoting professional/volunteer service involvement in caring for stroke survivors); and
  • Establishing a stroke resource centre to gather, compile and disseminate information regarding the causes, prevention, research programmes, support groups, bodies or agencies and available aids for stroke and post-stoke adjustment, and establishing public educational programs within these fields.