Atrial fibrillation is a risk factor for stroke. Here’s what you should know about this common heart rhythm disorder.

5 Myths about Stroke

Knowing the facts about stroke can help you to respond appropriately in the event that someone suffers from a stroke. It can make a difference between life and death. Here […]

Stroke Prevention

Prevention is better than cure! There are many factors that can increase your chance of having a stroke. Stroke is preventable by lowering your risk factors. Some factors, like age, […]

Stroke Risk Factors

Controllable risk factors: Hypertension (high blood pressure) Diabetes Mellitus (high blood sugar) High cholesterol level Smoking Heart disease (eg. Atrial fibrillation, ischemic heart disease)   Uncontrollable risk factors: Family history […]

Warning Signs of Stroke

How do I know that I have a stroke? It is important to be able to recognise the signs of stroke. The FAST test is an easy way to recognise […]